About the Books

Contented Dementia
Having sold over 42,000 copies, this is the book that started a revolution in the way people suffering from age-related cognitive impairment are cared for in the UK. As practical as it is compassionate, Contented Dementia will change everything you think you know about how to best care for this vulnerable population.

Contented Dementia

See Me as a Person
Although the book See Me as a Person was designed for use by professional clinicians, it provides a beautiful accompaniment to Contented Dementia. It will help to deepen the understanding of anyone working with people suffering from dementia. To read the Introduction, click here.



Coming in February, 2014!  Dementia: There is Hope: The Portrait Method of Dementia Care

This book is designed for everyone who cares for a person with dementia, whether it’s as a professional or as a loved one. Based on Penny Garner’s work, as chronicled in Contented Dementia, and the therapeutic practices outlined in the book See Me as a Person by Mary Koloroutis and Michael Trout, this book presents simple practices that help people with dementia to feel happy, safe, smart, and competent. Thanks to the ideas in this book, people with any kind of dementia are no longer sentenced to lives of confusion, frustration, and pain. This book is easily understood by readers of all ages. To read the Introduction, click here.

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