About Debbie Bachel

Debbie Bachel, Co-Owner of Creative Health Care Management

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Debbie Bachel is the co-owner of Creative Health Care Management, Inc. (CHCM) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Prior to the purchase of CHCM, she was the owner and operator of a successful insurance agency in Tucson, Arizona.

Debbie’s work with CHCM focuses on creating care environments that preserve the dignity of people with dementia, both in professional care settings and at home. As she continues toward a degree in social services, she studies dementia models across the world and has become proficient in the SPECAL method of dementia care as taught by Penny Garner in Burford, England. Garner’s SPECAL method has proven 100% effective in keeping dementia patients content through a very simple communication method. Debbie also volunteers in a number of memory care units in Tucson and continues to marvel at the ways in which people with dementia can continue to thrive and enjoy life when those who interact with them follow the SPECAL method.

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