Wisconsin Takes Innovative Steps to Increase Dementia Awareness

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This is one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in a long time. As the numbers of people with dementia increase, creative caregivers are looking for and finding brilliant solutions for including and accommodating people with dementia rather than isolating them!

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Our colleague in Watertown has been an bold, appreciative leader on this front:

“I just want to add how proud I am of Watertown for going forward with this. We have several businesses who have already set up training for their employees and are excited about how they can help increase dementia awareness and a number who have pledged to become dementia aware. The response to this has been overwhelming, across Wisconsin and from other states. This lets me know that people are looking for support and tools to have this conversation grow. It is all so exciting.” 

Jan Zimmerman, RN,
Administrator/Director of Nursing of Assisted Living at Heritage Homes.

One thought on “Wisconsin Takes Innovative Steps to Increase Dementia Awareness

  1. I just want to thank all of the people who have supported Heritage Homes and Watertown across the nation. It is overwhelming how people have reached out to us and told their stories about the need to make the nation more dementia aware. The stigma is still there and must be eliminated. Government and research institutions have to start paying attention to this epidemic and collaborate on finding a cure. With more financial support from the government, we can accomplish this goal. The government needs to know that this is a priority and the world needs answers and a cure. In the meantime, those living with dementia, either the person with the disease or their care partners, need to know they are not alone and the communities stand beside them to support them. Thank you for helping to create a culture of change.

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